Papeles decorativos para habitaciones de niños
Wallpaper for children's bedrooms

Me encantan los diseños de papeles decorativos para paredes de la firma holandesa Onszelf. Son diseños sencillos, con un par de tonalidades o tres, que no sobrecargan demasiado el ambiente, y muy al estilo nórdico. De base siempre el blanco, y sobre este discretas formas de colores azules, rojos, naranjas, grises y negros. Mi favorito es el papel de pared de inspiración parisina, ¡es precioso!

I love the wallpaper designs of the dutch company Onszelf. They are clever and simple designs, with 2 or 3 colours, they don't overwhelme the spaces, and they have this nordic design touch that I love so much. White always in the background and on it, other discreet shapes and patterns in blue, red, orange, grey and black. My favorite one is the wallpaper inspirated by Paris. It's so gorgeous!


  1. Hi There! Just stumbled upon your blog, and well really liked your posts, specially since they are bilingual ;) The kids wallpapers that you showcased are so cute! I am starting to like wallpaper more and more, and these designs are helping! Love when the designers incorporate this feature and allow for other elements to be more subtle, like the beautiful hardwood flooring! Thanks for sharing.

  2. ¿Dónde puedo comprar alguno de estos papeles?


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