About this blog


C hicDecó is a blog about photography, interior design, home decor, food styling and lifestyle. It started up 2008 and has been alive since then in the blogosphere. Along the way ChicDecó has met amazing creative people and made life-time friends.

ChicDecó has been featured by interior design magazines like Australian HOME BEAUTIFUL, and named by international brands as one of the 5 BEST INTERIOR DESIGN BLOGS IN SPAIN.

ChicDecó is a bilingual blog that brings daily updates on both languages, Spanish and English. Spanish is editor's mother tongue, and every article is translated into English and adapted in the best possible way to reach a wider audience.

About the editor

T he voice behind the scenes of this blog is ROSA RONCO; she selects every content and writes every post published on ChicDecó. However, every industry expert is welcomed to share their knowledge and expertise by contributing with articles and insights. This way ChicDecó can add some quality content shared by other experts.

Rosa was born in Toledo (Spain) and spent most of her life in Madrid. She moved to Australia in 2010 where she's currently living with her family. She's Bachelor Degree in Communications (Advertising and PR), Master in Advertising Management and Master in e-Commerce and Online Marketing. 

After moving to Australia in 2010, she studied Interior Design at the Interior Design Institute of Australia and worked as Marketing Manager in an Australian interior design firm. She is now a free-lance designer, and regular contributor of Fotocasa.

Rosa has more than a decade of experience working on online marketing and communication field for big international corporations. Rosa brings together into this blog her interior design passion and her online expertise. 

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