6 ways to promote your business in blogs


If you have recently started a new business and your just website went online, you may want to make your site visible in the search engines as soon as possible. But this is something that takes time and a loft of effort.

Many blogs have already been online for a while, update content on daily basis, have a well-targeted readership and are usually quite search engine friendly. That’s why to promote your business in blogs can be a fast, easy and affordable solution to make your website visible in the Internet and lead traffic to your website.



Beautiful images are your best advertising investment. If you have spent time and money in producing professional and stylish visual material, there is no doubt us bloggers will love to publish them in our blogs. Those photographs can be used in your website, your marketing collateral, blogs, media and everywhere else. Sharing images is the new word of mouth in digital world.




Blogs usually DO NOT do link exchange with business websites, we just do it with other similar blog friends. That’s why if you want a permanent link in a blog the best options are:
  • buying buttons or banners, or
  • sponsoring a post
A button is a small banner with a link to your website that blogs usually have in the Sponsor or Advertising section. These buttons usually very affordable, and this is a great solution for small budgets.

Another way to get permanent links in your site is by sponsoring a post. The blogger can talk about you in a post making the content interesting and enjoyable for their readers.




Bloggers usually write about things that they have experienced, discovered or learnt. So another efficient way to get some links to your website is by sending one of your products to bloggers. Bloggers will try the product and write about it. The product has to be relevant to the blog readers.




Bloggers can run giveaways on their blogs, and call their readers to participate in the competition by commenting, sharing or liking your social media pages. The product needs to be worthy for readers to participate and relevant to the blog audience. Don't make too hard to participate, just liking a Facebook page can be enough effort for our readers.




If you are planning to organise an event to promote your business, don’t forget to invite your favourite blogs to attend. If the blogger attends and likes your event she/he will also write about it.  To encourage people to attend, offer something in return to thank your attendees, like a free workshop on an interesting topic or a gift bag.

In summary, there is no business that can be started without some investment. Whether you invest in hiring a professional photographer to get beautiful images of your products, a blogger to introduce you to their readers or an event coordinator to run a memorable event, you will always need to spend some money on it, and blogs can be the most affordable and efficient solution to start with.

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