Gama de grises también en el baño
Range of grey also in the bathroom

Más ideas para vestir la casa de otoño y en línea con mi entrada anterior, esta vez para el baño! He rescatados este precioso baño del número de octubre de la revista Interiores, como otro ejemplo más de los colores de la temporada: grises, blanco y negros y algún toque de color llamativo!

More ideas to dress up your home in autumn, following my previous post, and this time for the bathroom! I also found this pretty bathroom in the October issue of Interiores magazine, and I think is another example of the colours of this season: greys, black and white and some bright colours too!

Imagenes vía revista Interiores | Images via Interiores magazine

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  1. this is so fantastic! i was just thinking in my head...that if n when i do up our living room. im gonna have grey sofas and walls with light brown furniture and bright pops of colours via cushions and upholstery...
    then i thought to myself but i can only explain this idea to my decorator through pics...

    and lo behold...i chanced upon these images on ur blog! almost telepathic and such a joy !


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